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Style :  Dark Serpentine
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Easy to Use

- Using the wooden stick moves your dead skin away.
- Clean your nails and face.
- Choose a suitable size of adhesive stickers or nail glue for your nails and stick it on your nails.
- Choose the correct size of the fake nail and stick it on your nails.
- Press them for about 25 seconds to ensure they are tight enough to keep it.
- Tips: Keeping away from water for 1-2 hours, they will last a longer time.

Do they come with glue?

Yes, they come with jelly glue.

How long do they last?

It depends on how you used your nails. Normally they can last about 5-7 days.

How to remove it? 

- Immerse your hand in warm water & use a wooden stick to take it off from the side or just use your hand to peel it off
- Remove the glue sticker and keep the fake nail tip for next time use.
Enjoy your unique and perfect manicure



MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our Extra Long Nails are made from high-quality ABS material which is non-toxic, has no smell, and is an alternative to Salon Acrylic nails as they don't damage your nails.
REUSABLE: Our Reusable nail Tips can be used for an elegant instant manicure and are available in various colors for special occasions and make a wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sisters and are excellent for Parties, weekends, Weddings, Halloween and Christmas.
Easy to Use: Nude ballerina fake nails with glue striker can get your favorite manicure in just 5 minutes without waiting at the nail salon.