10 Kinds Multifunctional Hammer

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Color :  Red
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    Let's take a look at the functions of this hammer:

      • Easy penetration, load a nail in the hammer and simply hit the end of the hammer. The nail can easily penetrate steel pipes, iron pipes, iron, cement walls, cement floor, etc.
      • The nails do not deform, bend or break.
      • This can certainly be used as a hammer and works just like a normal hammer.
      • Difficulty loosening the pipe? Do not worry, this tool can also be used as a wrench!
      • Like a normal hammer, it can be used to remove broken nails.
      • Cutting wire and nails.
      • The flat end on the key can be used for clamping.
      • Works well as a wiry clip.
      • Pull out the nails slightly.
      • Can be used as a pliers

    Material: cast iron
    : Red color
    : 11 * 20 cm
    Weight: 600 g

    • 1x Multifunctional Hammer.
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