3 In 1 Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover Massager

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Tired of using expensive pill with slow results?
Our?Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover Massager?allows you to slim down fast and easy!?3 in 1 Massager (Ultrasonic, Infrared & EMS)?can rejuvenate your skin and body!
Using?microcurrent technology, the?Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover Massager?is a non-invasive technology that is proven to be?the most effective?slimming device to date.?
?Enhances skin texture
?Stops wrinkles from forming
?Helps fight fatty areas
?Tightens skin
This technology helps the?body regulate internal secretion?and?accelerates the consuming of fat.


Our Ultrasonic Massager?emits infrared ray at the spectrum of 8-12nm and?produces infrared heat?to?encourage blood flow?underneath the outer skin layer.

Fat deposits?are?broken down?and eliminated by the body.?Aches and pains are also reduced?because of?improved blood circulation.?

Massages with microcurrent?stimulate muscles with passive movement?under the skin. This movement?consumes fat, sugar,?andcarbohydrate?of the surrounding tissue.?

Under normal movement, muscle consumes 60-70 joules per second?but with the micro current, muscle consumes?3000-4000 joules per second.

Can be enjoyed as both a facial and body infrared tool that removes fat, targets wrinkles and improves skin texture with constant use.


  1. After bath or shower, lather up the body with cream or oil.
  2. Gently massage for?15-20 minutes, until it was fully absorbed into your skin.
**Do not rub on dry skin**
  • Power: 12W
  • Size: 18 x 6 x 7.5cm
  • Weight: 408.5g
  • Input: AC100-240v
  • Output: DC15V 0.8A
  • Function: Ultrasonic ,Ems and Infarred


  • 1set x?Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover Massager