Accurate Mitre Gauges for Saws Goniometer Electronic Angle Ruler

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  • Is it always wrong to transfer the result to a mitre saw cut after measuring the mitre angle?

  • Accurate Mitre Gauges for Mitre Saws allow precise and easy angle measurement and subsequent transfer to the mitre saw.

Main Features

  • ▶ Wide Measuring Range
    2 plastic legs for measuring and transferring wall angles from 30 to 180° and subsequently aligning the angles on the mitre saw.

  • ▶ Makes Sawing Accurate
    2 magnets attach directly to the saw blade to replicate the angle that needs to be cut, making mitre saw cuts more precise.

  • ▶ Practical & Convenient
    Includes telescopic corner callipers for outside corners and integrated foldable stop for easy marking on the workpiece, both inside and outside corners can be measured and angles can be easily marked on the workpiece.

  • ▶ Special Eccentric Lever Design
    The special lever designmakes it easy to operate, even in narrow working areas, and the data can be measured and transferred perfectly to the mitre saw.

  • Specifications

Product Weight :280G

Product Size
(L x W x H) :22x11.5x6.5cm

Product Material:ABS

Package Contents: Accurate Mitre Gauges for Mitre Saws × 1