Seal Pillow

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Height :  7.9in
Color :  Happy
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Chub seals are stuffed with 100% soft cotton. Protected by a cover made of polyester giving it the nice soft and stretchy feel.

The chub seal is a plush, cuddly toy made from soft fabric. It features an adorable seal shape and is designed to provide comfort and warmth. It's the perfect companion for cozy snuggles on the bed or sofa, bringing a touch of warmth and sweetness to your winter.

Made with great detail, showing detail in the fins, tail and skin. Making it resemble an actual seal that you could cuddle with anytime.

It is so easy to cuddle with the Seal Pillow. You can bring the Seal Pillow anywhere you like and still be comfortable. There are different sizes ranging from 11.8in, 15.8in,  23.5in, and 31.5in.