Typared Day And Night Anti-glare Driving Sun Visor

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This visor for car have dual capabilities, with a polarized daytime lens plus a yellow lens for day and night time driving. Effectively reduce strong glare light which protect your eye and give your extra safety.


  • Upgrade Version -The anti-glare car visor is made from Acrylic+ABS material, durable and flexible, will not be excessively hard and broken. The version can be rotated 180 degrees to adjust the position in the most convenient setting according to your needs.

  • Reduce visual fatigue -In the long-term driving process, if the eyes are stimulated by strong light, it is easy to dazzle, causes nervousness of the eyes, and high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and other diseases. This anti-dizziness mirror can reduce flash stimulation and protect our eyes.
  • Soften the sun -The glare of the sun, the reflection of the body, and the high beam of the headlights become serious.

  • Impair the vision of both eyes -According to the survey, this anti-glare mirror can mitigate the glare.
    Improve vision definition, reduce dizziness, protect eyes and improve driving safety.
  •  Effective prevention of snow blindness -The snow in winter is heavy, which can easily lead to snow blindness. There is a major security risk.
    Glare mirrors can block your direct light and carefully groom you.
  • All-round accessibility- Regardless of the model, the day and night lenses change. Suitable for most car.

How to install:


  • Material: Acrylic+ABS
  • Weight: 390g
  • Size: 32*12*0.2 cm


Package included:

1 pc* Day And Night Anti-glare Driving Sun Visor