Golden Egg Puller Maker

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🎄Perfect kitchen helper for household🎄

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The golden eggs shaken by this egg shaker can be made into a variety of delicacies, whether it is a soft boiled egg that tastes smooth and elastic, or sliced into sandwiches, etc.

😍😍Babies will never hate egg yolks again!

  • Material: PC+Silicone
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 16.5cm*7.5cm
  • Weight: 154G
  • Use: In the case of not breaking the eg gshell, the eg g yolk eg g yolk is evenly mixed in the eg gshell, and after boiling, it becomes a golden eg g with a golden color and good taste.  


  • No shell breaking: no shell breaking and shaking during the whole process, egg white and egg yolk are not in contact with air, so the eggs made are cleaner and safer
  • Rope design: high-quality high-density rope, good wear resistance and high strength.
  • Easy to operate, pull the rope and the machine started to spin, during which it will rela x the hand muscle and make you or kids happy.
  • The shaker is suitable for eggs of all shapes and sizes, great for eggs yolk and white perfectly mixed together.
  • The egg scrambler is easy to make the golden egg without breaking the shell.
  • The high density pulling rope, good wear resistance, high strength, long service life.
  • Perfect egg cooking tool, make your egg more nutritional, beautiful and delicious.


  • Normal temperature eggs need to be rotated for 1-2 minutes, eggs taken out of the refrigerator need 2-3 minutes.
  • Boil the eggs over a medium-to-low heat for ten minutes. It is recommended to add more water to prevent the eggs from cracking.
  • When the strap does not rebound, rotate the inner shell clockwise to recover.
🎁It's a perfect gift for your friends&familly!

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