High Pigmented Acrylic Paint Markers

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Set :  12 Colors
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Fill in your lovely art pieces with vividness and creativity with these high-pigmented acrylic paint markers!

A fine multicolor set of 24 markers that releases vibrant colors of water-based acrylic inks that can surely enhance your dull canvases. Each paint marker piece offers a high-grade fiber tip with an optimal pump valve for easy smooth gliding and accurate flow control. An ideal art tool for writing, drawing, highlighting, or even shading all of your creative DIY projects without the ugly stains or overflows. Moreover, the paint markers offer an advanced washable formula that lets you erase unwanted lines on the surfaces with a damp cloth. 

These high-pigmented markers are lightweight and they provide an ergonomically designed body for maximum gripping and control. Saving you from experiencing hand fatigue and another discomfort even after prolonged art sessions. The handy markers are quick-drying as well to ensure that you can freely create various arts and crafts without the smudge mess. What’s more? This colorful set is applicable for different surface types like notebooks, scrapbooks, coloring books, clothes, shoes, canvas, stones, mugs, boards, glass, and so on. Made with high-grade ink that can stay bright for long years to secure the vividness of your artwork.       

Create controlled, opaque neat lines with ease without the need for brushes using these high-pigmented acrylic paint markers!


  • Washable Vibrant Inks
    An artistic set of 24 paint markers that comes with water-based acrylic inks that leave a rich, high-vibrant opaque color. It offers a wide variety of color selections to choose from that would surely satisfy your vast creativity. Available in red, pink, baby pink, orange, gold, yellow, light yellow, light green, light blue, purple, and other 14 more lovely hues to meet all your DIY art needs. Great for enhancing your canvas, decorating, or even for filling in your space and crafts with colors and evoking specific emotions. What’s more? These markers have an advanced washable formula that enables the ink to be erased with ease on both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Just use a damp cloth to wipe repeatedly until all ink is cleanout to your skin or surface that it unintentionally comes into contact with.        

  • Easy to Use
    Each acrylic marker is equipped with a fine, fiber tip with an optimal pump-valve system that stably releases an accurate flow control. Additionally, these paint markers can be easily used for writing, drawing, highlighting, or even shading without the ugly stain messes. Uncap the marker you like, gently press the nib first with your finger then shake it well to let the ink flow down. After that, press the nip to the surface until it is saturated with color and you can now start doing your art.    

  • Ergonomic Design
    These high-performance paint markers are comfortably light and they provide a slim, non-slip body for better gripping and control. All markers can smoothly glide through the surface and leave a bright, neat wash of color. Allowing you to effortlessly draw in your favorite design non-stop for your multiple projects without experiencing hand fatigue or discomfort. The markers supply an impressive quick-drying performance to prevent smudging and any other ink messes. Moreover, they do not flood so you can confidently use them anytime without the color overflowing around the nib which can ruin your work. 

  • Wide Applicability
    The colorful acrylic paint markers can work perfectly on different surface types whether for creating complex details or filling in large areas. Suitable for coloring or decorating notebooks, scrapbooks, coloring books, clothes, shoes, canvas, stones, mugs, boards, and all of your artwork and craft assignments. Ideal for beginners, DIYers, hobbyists, artists, crafters, students, professors, kids, and more possibilities.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, pigmented acrylic paint which can stay bright for long years to secure the vividness and condition of your artwork. The markers can be mixed together to create a new blend of your desired hue. All colored ink is completely non-toxic and it does not emit any strong odors to ensure the user’s safety and health. Furthermore, these paint markers’ nibs can be used daily for multiple art projects without easily fluffing or wearing off.


  • Set: 12 Colors / 24 Colors / 36 Colors


  • 1 x High Pigmented Acrylic Paint Markers