Horror bookmarks - the best gift for fans of horror novels

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Perfect Horror Bookmark :  STEPHEN KING
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🥰Makes for an interesting gift for book lovers and fans of the famous author of mystery and the macabre.

👉Hand sculpted, a caricaturised portrait of the famous writer, Stephen King, with an expression of fear on his face as Pennywise the dancing clown grabs hold of his shoulders from within the pages of the book.

👉With a sadistic look on his face, Pennywise eyes up the reader as his next victim from atop a smooth, varnished wooden bookmark, with "Stephen King's IT" laser engraved upon it.

👉Hand sculpted, a caricaturised portrait of Jack Torrance from The Shining, staring at you with murderous intent from atop a smooth, varnished wooden bookmark, with "The Shining" laser engraved upon it.

👉Having just been showered in pigs blood, she unleashes her telepathic rage upon you from atop a smooth, varnished wooden bookmark, with "Stephen King's Carrie" laser engraved upon it.


  • 👉 Hand sculpted
  • 🏠 Handmade in the UK
  • 📐 Length-Head: 6.5cm,
  • 📐total length including bookmark:21 cm
  • 📐 Bookmark width and thickness: 4.1 cm x 2 mm
  • ❗  Lasercut Plywood, varnished to protect the wood
  • ❗❗Head material:Polyurethane resin, Vallejo acrylic paint

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