Horror movie desktop killer

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Style :  Jason Voorhees
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This is the ultimate Jason Voorhees display stand to show off to the world and show your love for horror and Jason!

The blond girl fell to the ground, struggling to get away from the giant man behind him... He raised the big knife, the mask on his face was expressionless...

The audience grabbed whatever they could, and he was snatched away by him in the next second . About to scream... He is the big brother of the horror world, killing people like crushing leaves on the ground── Masked killer

Jason Voorhees is also ready for the kill with his signature bloody ax and machete, which has become the endgame for countless unhappy campers. Jason's iconic hockey mask is removable to reveal a disfigured and scarred facial sculpt modeled after Friday the 13th Part 3. An additional left hand is also included to help recreate the iconic pose.

🔪"I'm gonna split you in two!!" —— Fred Krueger

🔪"You can’t kill the Bogeyman!"

🔪"Let us guard your house, and keep the strangers off."

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