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Color :  yellow
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NEED SOME EXTRA LENGTH to reach your itchy back? 
Long Handle Bath Brush for Exfoliating, Detachable Natural Bristle Back Scrubber.

One-touch bubbles,gently exfoliate your skin
Helps clear your mind while cleaning your whole body.

✔️ MULTI-PURPOSE - The Body Shower Scrubber is the easiest and most timeless option for scrubbing dead skin, reducing cellulite and swelling, enhancing blood circulation and lymph flow, and rejuvenating your body.
✔️ ERGONOMIC FEATURES - This long handle has a slight curve to give your back a better bathing experience. Shower straight-handled brushes may require more twisting to get behind you.
✔️ Built-in Body Wash - One-touch foam with built-in body wash reservoir.
✔️ SAFE MATERIAL - Comfortable, dense PBT bristles protect sensitive skin and deeply cleanse the surface of dirt, perfect for relaxing muscles and relieving stress. Especially the back where the hands are hard to reach. So, this is an ideal long-handled back brush for the shower!
product weight
Package dimensions
36 x 9 x 4.2CM/6.2 x 3.54 x 1.7IN
Package Contents
Long Handle Liquid Bath Brush × 1
pp, ps material
yellow, gray, green, pink

  • ✔️ Ergonomics Features
    This long handle has a slight curve, which offer a better bath experience for your back. Shower straight-handled brush may
  • require more contorting than you’re comfortable with to reach behind you.
  • ✔️ Built-in Shower Gel
    One-touch bubbles, built-in shower gel reservoir.