Last Day 75% Off- To My Granddaughter "A link that can never be undone" Peach Blossom Bracelet

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Color :  Purple
Packing💝 :  gift box
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Design Interpretation

With an inspiring gift card message and a pleasing design, this bracelet is a perfect gift for your granddaughter. Gift your granddaughter this bracelet and encourage her with the gift card message. This bracelet can be a source of inspiration to your granddaughter, especially during difficult times.

Card Content

To My Granddaughter

Someday when the pages of my life end,

I know that you will be one of the most beautiful chapters.

Always keep me in your heart,

for you are always in mine.

Nothing and nobody not even time will ever change that.

Grandmother and Granddaughter,

A link that can never be undone.

*Heartwarming Message Card Included

  • This package includes a bracelet, greeting card, gift box, and a gift bag to hold everything in it.
  • Processing Techniques: Handwoven
  • Age Demographic: All ages
  • Nickel free: Made of cotton thread, jade thread
  • Never fade


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