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1. The LED light strip can illuminate the position of the basket, making it easier for you to shoot at night, and experience different basketball fun;
2. Use durable glue to protect the LED lights in all directions, avoiding damage in the impact with the basketball, waterproof, durable;
3. Eight adjustable modes, colorful marquee;
4. Easy to install and remove, just fix the light strip on the basket with a cable tie.

Model: led basketball frame light
Size: Length 150cm * Width 1.2cm * Thickness 0.4cm
Product parameters:
Package size: 20.5*13.5*3.5cm
Single weight: 150g (including packaging)
Strip length: 150cm
Power cord length: 100cm
Power supply: solar battery (1200mah)
Lighting mode: 8 flashing modes, 7-color marquee
Light adjustment method: button

1. LED illusion light bar: rainproof, cold proof, sunscreen horse racing casing light bar, the length of the light bar is 1.5 meters and the length is 35 cm pure copper core wire;
2. Wire material: use the national standard rainproof, sunscreen, cold-proof pure copper core wire, the length of the wire is 2.5 meters;
3. Packing: Packed in a neutral kraft paper box.