Mini Adjustable Fixed Electric Small Table Bench Vise

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Type: Bench Vise

  • Mini Suction Cup Vise is ideal for holding small parts in Jewelry, Hobby, Model making, Electronics, Home and Work-Bench many more applications.

  • This Vise is durable, Light weight, and it a very portable tool. Secures quickly onto tables, Work benches or other surface edges, Use to cut, bend, repair or alter small objects.

Main Features

  • ⏩️Suction Cup Design

  • The compact vise table can hold objects firmly for stable work. But this vise table must be placed on a smooth and non-porous surface. It can absorb a variety of working surfaces, and is suitable for all kinds of flat desktops, smooth glass surfaces, and smooth metal surfaces. The suction cup and water adsorption are more stable.

  • ⏩️Plastic Card Slot

  • The jaws made of aluminum alloy metal with plastic card slots are not easy to damage the objects, which guarantees the originality of the jade carving and the wood carving products. It can also effectively fix small objects, such as olives, walnuts, bodhi, jewelry, handicrafts, model making, electronic products, etc.

  • ⏩️360° Free Rotation

  • The lightweight vise table supports 360-degree rotation, which is convenient for you to use.

  • ⏩️0-33MM Adjustable Clamping

  • Deepen the threaded screw, it is not easy to slip when in use, and has a long service life.

  • ⏩️Wide Range Of Applications

  • It is suitable for fixing some small objects welding and disassembly maintenance, plane patterns, text, precision carving and hollow carving.

Using Methods

  • 1. Use the suction cup to spray water to the bottom to ensure that the table top is flat and clean, which can strengthen the suction capacity of the suction cup

  • 2. Place it on a smooth table and press the suction cup switch down to firmly adsorb

  • 3. When not in use, lift up the suction cup switch to easily remove it


Product Weight

  • Without nails: 230G

  • With nails: 235G

Package Contents

  • Mini Suction Cup Vise × 1


Aluminum alloy

Clamping range


Applicable scene

smooth glass surface, desktop, metal surface

Product function

can be used for clamping and fixing, polishing/grinding/drilling/cutting operations