Stronger Bonds for Your Projects!——Welding High-Strength Oily Glue

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A Must-Have For Your Home——Everything can be repaired like new again!
Unique fluid helps to penetrate the finest micro-cracks to increase bonding firmness and depth.

Made of high-quality oil-based ingredients, this glue provides an incredibly powerful bond for welding and assembling metal materials. It dries quickly to form a waterproof, heat-resistant seal that won't crack or loosen over time.

Bonding In Seconds——Oily glue repairs the products into a strong bond instantly. 


Like It’s New——Retains your item’s original look by adhering its loose ends back to their normal shape.
Whether you're fixing plumbing, crafting, model building, or more, our glue tackles it all. No surface is too smooth - this glue grabs on tight.

Waterproof——A strong bond does not wear off even after being washed multiple times.
Shockproof——The adhesion will not lose its durability even if you put tension on it.
Precise Application——Pin-point nozzle allows precise application without dripping and oozing. The extra-long tip allows for easy application on hard-to-reach surfaces.
Soft And Strong——Unlike cement glues, oily glue bonds without getting hard or brittle after some time.
Safe On Skin——You can apply the oily glue to the area in need of repair and spread it using your fingers without hurting them.

How to Use:

1. Open the lid and use it.

2. Do not squeeze the side too much.

3. Make sure adhesive parts are kept dry, and clean.

4. Apply a little to align and firmly to a certain thickness and strength.

Product Name: Universal Super Glue
Color: As Pictures Show
Specification:1.69oz( 50ml)
Curing time: 10-20s


  • 1. Be careful not to get into the eyes or mouth.
  • 2. Keep it out of the reach of children to avoid danger.
  • 3. Be careful not to apply with your fingers.
  • 4. Not edible.