Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting Pencil gripper

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Material :  6pcs
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❤ Pencil grips --- can help Help Kids In Correctly Position And Hold Pencils. Lead to write in a correct way. With continued use, they will write easily and natrually.

❤ The Nonskid Design --- Wide top and narrow bottom . The upper width makes it easier to pass through the pencil, while the lower width makes it not easy to slip off.

❤ With consistent use --- it prevents your middle finger from cocooning and keep you a good writing habit for a long time. If it doesn't work well, please contact us at any time

❤ Pencils Grips hollow design --- Comfortable and breathable, double finger pencils grips. Suitable for pencils for 7.2~8.2 mm in diameter. Fits On Pencils, Pens Without Grips And Other Standard Size Writing Instruments.

❤ How to use --- Put a pencil strip on your one hand and rotate the pen into the hole with other hand.Then adjust the strip to a proper position. You can just put your thumb and index finger into the holes of side, Use double finger pencil grips, easy to grasp.


pencil grips : L 1.57in x W 0.59in x H 1.96in.

Hole Diameter : 8 mm/0.35inches.

Color : Orange, Light blue, Green