Nails Holder Plier for Safer Hammering

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【Multi Function Pliers】The pliers have 11 nail holes, suitable for 11 different thicknesses of nails; At the same time, there are 2 different heights, suitable for nails of different lengths, can accurately fix the nails; The pliers can provide more control and precision to position the nails; They are suitable for commonly applied nails, such as round nails, staples, screws, and ordinary round nails.

【Fingers Protection】The length of the pliers is 9.5 inch, this length can keep fingers away from the danger of being smashed; The handle design of the pliers is convenient to hold, and it is very easy to control with one hand; While protecting the safety of fingers, the hands can be more comfortable.

【Portable Pliers】The weight of plastic pliers is only 83 grams; In use, these safety pliers can effectively save energy and make the work easier; At the same time, the plastic pliers are very portable and can be placed in the pocket of the clothes and can be taken at any time; This is very important in some high altitude operations.

【Sturdy Material】The pliers are made of quality hard plastic, which is not easy to deform after repeated hitting; The head has a flat design, which makes it easier to find the position of the force when hitting, effectively prolonging the service life of the equipment and improving work efficiency.

【Family Essential pliers】Plastic pliers can be widely applied in household, woodworking and other fields; Whether it is daily home garden carpentry repairs or weekend picnic habitat building, DIY projects, this is an essential pliers; Also a good holiday gift, such as Labor Day, or Father's Day!

Gram weight: 88g

Material: ABS plastic

Package contains: Safety Nails Anti-smashing finger Joint Pliers